A Certain Spirit

The echoes of Karen's screams were still fading as William raced into the kitchen.

"What's wrong?"

Karen stood still shaking and pointing at the wall. "I.. I.. I saw her again!" she finally blurted out. The plate she was holding shattered to the floor forgotten in her need to hide herself in William's arms. She buried herself into his chest and sobbed.

William held her close for a minute, then asked her, "Karen? What did you see?"

"I don't want to talk about it. They frighten me." Karen said between sobs.

"Karen?" William said in a stronger voice, "I need to know so I can find out what needs to be done about this. We're starting to run out of dishes."

Karen was confused, but then looked up to William's warm smile. Suddenly, she felt very embarrassed. She laughed a bit, then after a few deep breaths, she collected herself. She pointed a wavering finger toward the far wall. "I saw a woman. She came through that wall."

"Was it the same woman you saw last time?" William asked. Karen nodded. "Was she dressed the same way?"

"No, no, she was dressed differently. But it was the same woman as last time. Oh William, what does it mean?"

"Now Karen, even if they are spirits, they can't harm you." he said as he put a comforting hand behind her head.

"You don't know that." She said nervously.

"Yes I do. Have they done anything to hurt you?"

"Well, there was the strange lights coming from the Receiving Room, and the horrible sounds I heard in the cold cellar."

"Yes, but have they done anything to hurt you?"

"No, no I don't suppose they have."

"Well, I'm certain that they're more afraid of you than you are of them. Look, how about this Thursday, I invite Preacher Thomas over for dinner and we can all talk."

"That would be fine, William." She lay her head against her husband's chest. "William, I don't want to leave this house. Please don't make me leave this house?"

William hushed his wife and held her close for a while. Spirits or no, he had little intention of ever giving up the farm.


Angelica Taylor saw the plate tumble off the counter and shatter on the floor.

"MIKE!" She yelled as she walked out of the kitchen. "Mike Dammit, I told you to put the dishes in the sink, not leave them on the stupid counter!"

Her husband turned off his circular saw and looked at his wife. "Huh?" he said eloquently.

"I said, don't leave your dishes on the counter, one just fell off and is all over the kitchen floor."

"I didn't leave any plates on the counter." Mike said innocently as he grabbed a broom to help Angelica clean up the mess. "Hey, maybe it's that ghost that Barbra was talking about", he teased.

"Yeah, a ghost who has yet to get the plumbing fixed in the bathroom."

"Look, they didn't build old farmhouses like this to have indoor plumbing. I can't help it if the moron that put it in did a lousy job. Still, it'll be nice to get the kitchen back to the way they originally had it."

"Great, can't wait to use the handpump for the water." Angelica mumbled with more enthusiasm than she felt.

"Yep, gotta love these old places. They've got a certain spirit to them."

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