Mozilla Firebird Search Plugins for Yahoo!

Uhm... Look. These are for Mozilla and Firefox, which, you may not be running, so I really don't know if you can use these.
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Anyone who uses Yahoo! realizes that they offer a lot of things. Many of them are searchable. Unforutnately, they have a bad habit of changing layout or specifications, and even worse, the official mozilla search plugin page appears to have been abandoned. So here's the list of mycroft compatible search plug-ins that I've created or know are kept up-to-date.

PLEASE feel free to use the feedback form at the bottom if I've missed any or if you've found a bug. I'll get to it as soon as I can, and will certainly get back to you sooner.

Also, if you could spread the word about these, I'd be very grateful.


My Yahoo! Search Plug-ins for Mozilla

Other Y! Search plugins

If you'd rather use Yahoo! as your default search

enter about:config in the Open URL line and set =

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