The Official "Official" Registry of the Internet

The Official Officiate of the Internet's Seal

The Internet belongs to everyone. There is no one individual, group, country or corporation that owns, rules, manages or even oversees the Internet. Yet, the Internet is not a place of chaos. It's a community of cooperation, since people are free to take action. When they see a need, they are free of the ties of bureaucracy and can stand up to address it.

Staring across this verdant virtual plane, I too saw a pressing need.

How could you be certain that a website that claimed to have The Official T-Shirt of the Internet actually did? How would you be able to find The Official Mold Spore of the Internet quickly and easily? And, how would you know that no one had yet been declared The Official Guy Named Chuck of the Internet?

So it is my humble duty to step up and become, The Official Officiate of the Internet.

It is now my task to record for all posterity, those that would claim to offer The Official Potato Gun of the Internet, and provide a point of truth and reference for all.

How does this process work? I use a highly scientific process to accept your entry using the form below, then using the same careful analytical B.I.S.S. process (long proven by countless generations of experts, I will rule accordingly.

In order to preserve the illusion of fairness, I will only allow one entry per site.

Choose Wisely.

Some may say that I'm simply taking advantage of a stupid idea that they are kicking themselves for not coming up with first. To which I say Neener! Neener! that I am simply doing a thankless task but welcome their support. Neener!

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