The Group Photo Project

Some time ago (since I have no idea when you're reading this) I made a comment about while I have friends, I really have no idea what they look like. This is my attempt to solve that problem, get a nice picture of everyone, as well as confuse the blue hell out of someone at the local Photo Print palace.

Preferably a bunch of folks at various photo print palaces.

Now while I could simply ask the various authors and friends to participate, that's hardly as much fun as getting lots of folks to join in. There are spots reserved for certain folks like JIM, Steve, Hetta, and a few others, there's obviously enough space for lots and lots more.

What I'm suggesting is (hopefully) pretty straight forward.

Here's the main picture. I hold no responsibility for whatever it may do to your monitor. It's a picture of me sitting in a nice large empty field. It's not the final picture and should only be used for reference.

Your task, should you chose to accept it, is to take a suitably matched full image of yourself also in a field on a nice sunny day facing south so that you or I can add it in.

If you're in some field phobic area, such as New York City, then simply take a picture of yourself in some open area and we'll handle adding the grass stains.

Mind you, since we're going to be digitally adding you in, you don't have to be simply standing around either. I'm not going to make any suggestions since getting thirty people doing the same thing might be a bit odd.

Also, if I don't have legs for you (because you sent in a cropped picture), be warned that I will find some, and you may not approve of my choices.

For the technically minded, the image was shot from a camera (approx 18mm lens) 15' from the subject, and elevated 4'6" with me facing approximately due south. (It was sunny. Yes, I was squinting. Yes, I'm also the cover guy for White Out. Several hundred generations of Irish tend to suck the melanin straight out of the skin.)

For the REALLY technically minded the image was taken at ISO200 at 1/100 f11

I'd also request that you take the image at the highest resolution you can (it's easier to subtract than add). The master image is around 6M pixels, which is far higher resolution than I'll probably need for a nice 4x5 print, but since I'll make the final master available to whoever, other folks may want larger.

Feel free to include in family members, pets, penguins, Martians, Bigfoot, Elvis or any other items you feel would properly add to the experience, (Provided that they look like they were part of the original picture). Please also include at least your face, unobscured, so that finally we may know what the heck you look like.

Don't worry about looking like Freddy Kruger's nightmare, or that you're not "pretty" enough. Trust me, none of us are. There's a definite reason why folks always want me behind the camera. Unless you've got a letter from C'Thulu personally that you may want to consider cosmetic surgery, you're more than good looking enough.

Also, please try to take a full shot of yourself. While there will certainly may be folks in the background, there's no telling where you'll end up, and if you got no feet, that's going to look a trifle odd.

So, what to do? Send your photo of you to: along with your name, and any special instructions you'd like (e.g. Surrounded by blue halo, slapping {individual}'s head, etc.). If you REALLY want to make me happy, send the image of you as an alpha channel PNG that I can simply add as a layer in Paintshop. I'll place them appropriately and update the image. I'll also send you a note when the image is complete.

The Interweb is full of people. Not necessarily the sanest folks, but people none the less.

Here's your chance to prove it