Yahoo Local on you iPod

To Use

First, get the greaseMonkey script (Not really needed, but makes your life a lot easier.

Second, go to your Collections page (or mine or anyone else's. To get to yours,

  1. Go to Yahoo! Local.
  2. Click on the big orange MY LOCAL button.
  3. Click on your collections (if you have any).

Provided the greasemonkey script works, You'll see a "Download to iPod" link. Click it.

You'll get a zip file named "extract_to_ipod_notes.zip". Plug your iPod in, make sure it's acting like a disk, and extract that zip file to your ipod /Notes directory.

Unplug your iPod, go to the Extras > Notes > YLocal Directory and bask in the easy use.

Note, although map images are exported, they only work with Fifth Generation iPods.


  1. add vCal elements for events (with relevant local biz "collections")
  2. add del.icio.us/flickr ylocal integration