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Why ySal?
It's named for Sal Castaneda, because something ought to be.
How does it work?
Give it an origin and destination and start time (duh). The app will then try to anticipate where you'll be on your trip and check traffic thirty miles before that area. If there's a backup, you'll know to pull over and go to the bathroom now, instead of while sitting in traffic half an hour from now.
How does this know my route?
It doesn't. It draws a line between here and there and hopes it gets your route. This works pretty well for things like San Jose to LA or DC to New York. It's not so good for San Jose to Vegas (unless you've got a REALLY good 4x4 and a liberal interpretation of right of way laws). Future versions will actually follow the best route, but that's not currently feasable.
What do the reports look like?